•Grizzly.fi is giving away a Tesla Model 3 to celebrate the release of their new roadmap on March 10th.
•The giveaway will end on March 20th and was organized in collaboration with many renowned DeFi companies.
•To participate, users should visit the giveaway page and complete a series of actions to increase their chances of winning.

Grizzly.fi Gives Away Tesla Model 3

Grizzly.fi, a DeFi platform that wants to make DeFi accessible to everyone, has announced an exciting collaboration with several renowned DeFi companies: Vacabee, Stader, XCAD Network, DEUS Finance, Persistence, Fear, Thena, Coin98 Finance, Galactic and Biswap. Together they are giving away a Tesla Model 3 as part of their celebration for the launch of Grizzly.fi’s new roadmap which will take place on March 10th!

Why Give Away A Tesla?

The Grizzly.fi team is excited about launching their new products and want to show appreciation for the community by offering this amazing prize! It is also intended to inspire more people to join the world of DeFi and take advantage of its benefits. With the deadline quickly approaching (March 20th), excitement is building amongst those who have signed up so far!

How To Participate In The Giveaway

To join in on all the fun and potentially win yourself a brand-new Tesla Model 3 you must: Visit the giveaway page; Sign up with your details; And complete a series of actions which will increase your chances for winning! Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

About Grizzly.fi

Grizzly.fi is an innovative platform designed to make decentralized finance (DeFi) accessible for everyone around the world via an intuitive user interface that simplifies complex processes while remaining secure and compliant at all times—and now they are giving away one lucky winner a brand new Tesla Model 3!


Keep an eye out for more updates from Grizzly.fi regarding their upcoming roadmap release or just stay tuned until March 20th when they announce who won this amazing prize – maybe it could be you!

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