• Bitcoin’s dominance has recovered more than 2% in the past week, tapping a multi-month high as the asset maintains above $20,000.
• Despite sliding slightly since yesterday, bitcoin continues to trade above $20,000.
• The past few days saw gains that the community hadn’t witnessed in months, as Bitcoin first spiked above $18,000, overcame $19,000, and came close to $20,000.

The digital asset market has been in an uptrend in recent weeks, and Bitcoin has been leading the charge. After a period of stagnation, the world’s leading cryptocurrency managed to break above the $17,000 mark this week and is now trading above the $20,000 level. This has pushed the asset’s dominance to a two-month high, as the altcoins have seen considerable gains in recent days.

The past few days have been particularly significant for Bitcoin, with the asset first spiking above $18,000, then overcoming $19,000, and finally coming close to the $20,000 level. Despite sliding slightly since yesterday, Bitcoin is still trading above this important psychological level. At the same time, Bitcoin’s dominance has recovered more than 2% over the past week, hitting a multi-month high. This means that Bitcoin’s share of the total cryptocurrency market cap is now at 41%, the highest level since October 2021.

The altcoins have also been performing well in the past few days. While Bitcoin’s rise has been the main driver of the market’s uptrend, the altcoins have seen notable gains as well. However, many of them have retraced hard today, resulting in a slight decrease in the total crypto market cap.

In any case, the digital asset market continues to be in a bullish state, and Bitcoin’s impressive performance has been the main catalyst for this. As long as Bitcoin continues to trade above the $20,000 level, it is likely that the market’s uptrend will continue. At the same time, Bitcoin’s dominance is expected to remain at its current level, or even increase further in the coming weeks.

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